Chapter 3: Dream??

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“Where am I? How did I get here? This must be a dream. Right let’s see around. This seems like a kitchen here. So dark in here. But .. hmm looks like someone has left the gas on. 

It feels so surreal in this dream but everything seems to be in orderly. I mean I can see everything quite clearly, every bits and bobs in the kitchen, despite the darkness. Thanks to the light from the living room. And of course, the fire from the gas stove. Whoever left it there is rather impatient. That is definitely the maximum power you could get on the stove. Let’s forget about it and explore the living room…. 

Yet, the fire… it is burning in rage. Let’s have a look what is in the pot. 

Ah well, just some water .. but this rate, I am sure the pot will burn rather soon… 

Oh.. wow… I haven’t even finished my thought, the water in the pot vanished in the air! Poof! Just like that! What the heck.. oh yes, of course, this is a dream! You moron! anything can happen!”

I turned my attention to the living room, and saw a girl sitting in the living room. She seemed engrossed in whatever she is doing.
“Let’s have a snoop and see what she’s up to.

Ah.. really CSI! Duh…

Hang on, do I smell something?? The pot! I better turn the fire off.

I ran to the kitchen but I can’t touch anything! Am I being silly? This is just a dream and I supposed if it burns, I will wake up. But I can feel the heat and smell the burnt. I better alert her about the pot! 

“Hey you, stop watching CSI. Your pot of water, hey…”

“Oh my goodness, she can’t hear me. She can’t see me. What should I do??”

I ran frantically up and down the stairs and everywhere in the house… and suddenly.. 

“Ah great! You see me… come… the pot!! ” 

She still can’t hear me. Right, but seems like she can feel my presence by the speed and wind I create. Whatever it is, I just have to keep running. 

To the pot!! 

In a flash I ran to the kitchen, right to the front of the stove. 

“Damn idiot, I am over here, not the store room!” 

Oh well, ok, I better run over to the store room and back to the stove to attract her attention. 

Ah finally! She’s getting it! Yes, the stove!! Turn the gas off! 

“Phew … thank goodness. She could have burnt us both down.. well in the dream.. huh…” 

Oh wow…. why am I floating, I am not touching the floor … I am flYING .. …. HELP!!!!!!”


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