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Chapter 3: Dream??

Continue from Chapter 2: Let’s ask the God!



“Where am I? How did I get here? This must be a dream. Right let’s see around. This seems like a kitchen here. So dark in here. But .. hmm looks like someone has left the gas on. 

It feels so surreal in this dream but everything seems to be in orderly. I mean I can see everything quite clearly, every bits and bobs in the kitchen, despite the darkness. Thanks to the light from the living room. And of course, the fire from the gas stove. Whoever left it there is rather impatient. That is definitely the maximum power you could get on the stove. Let’s forget about it and explore the living room…. 

Yet, the fire… it is burning in rage. Let’s have a look what is in the pot. 

Ah well, just some water .. but this rate, I am sure the pot will burn rather soon… 

Oh.. wow… I haven’t even finished my thought, the water in the pot vanished in the air! Poof! Just like that! What the heck.. oh yes, of course, this is a dream! You moron! anything can happen!”

I turned my attention to the living room, and saw a girl sitting in the living room. She seemed engrossed in whatever she is doing.
“Let’s have a snoop and see what she’s up to.

Ah.. really CSI! Duh…

Hang on, do I smell something?? The pot! I better turn the fire off.

I ran to the kitchen but I can’t touch anything! Am I being silly? This is just a dream and I supposed if it burns, I will wake up. But I can feel the heat and smell the burnt. I better alert her about the pot! 

“Hey you, stop watching CSI. Your pot of water, hey…”

“Oh my goodness, she can’t hear me. She can’t see me. What should I do??”

I ran frantically up and down the stairs and everywhere in the house… and suddenly.. 

“Ah great! You see me… come… the pot!! ” 

She still can’t hear me. Right, but seems like she can feel my presence by the speed and wind I create. Whatever it is, I just have to keep running. 

To the pot!! 

In a flash I ran to the kitchen, right to the front of the stove. 

“Damn idiot, I am over here, not the store room!” 

Oh well, ok, I better run over to the store room and back to the stove to attract her attention. 

Ah finally! She’s getting it! Yes, the stove!! Turn the gas off! 

“Phew … thank goodness. She could have burnt us both down.. well in the dream.. huh…” 

Oh wow…. why am I floating, I am not touching the floor … I am flYING .. …. HELP!!!!!!”


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Chapter 2: Let’s ask the God!

-continue from Chapter 1: Dinner and Shadow

“Are you sure?”

“No, I am not .. and that is why I feel,… a bit mystical about it. I don’t know whether I have hallucinated or really a guardian angel or .. you know Dee… it’s the 7th month in Chinese Calendar.”

“What does that mean?” asked Deanne, my best friend.

I don’t blame her. She is not Chinese, so it would be difficult for her to understand what that means. I am all prepared to explain to her, but it is quite tricky to do so in the 7th month.

“Well, it is Chinese Halloween. Of course, 10 times spookier as it is not about having everyone to dress up or trick or treat. But really, we believe the gates of hell open every year the whole 7th month of the Chinese calendar. Well you know how we celebrate Chinese New Year sometimes in Jan and sometimes in Feb?”

“Yes. You explained to me before that the Chinese calendar is different to the Julian calendar. It changes in accordance to the lunar and solar instead.”

“That’s right Dee. Spirits and …. erm… ghost… wander around to visit their family, relatives and friends. But these are the good ones, some say the evil ones are released too.”

“But you aren’t going to believe that was a ghost spirit in your house on Sat, are you?”

“Well… I am not sure Dee… I hope not. Or else, I will have bad luck for 3 years!”

“You are SO superstitious, El, you know. Let’s go.. we have to get back to class.”


I can’t quite concentrate the whole day although I pretended nothing ever happened. I tried to clean the pot as much as I could after the incident last night, leaving little or no trace of the burnt pot. I tried few methods, from boiling vinegar and scraping the burnt marks inside the pot to using metal sponge to remove it. I think I managed to remove about 70% to 80% of it. Luckily I have “burnt” the pot quite a lot and so I should let it remains now. Otherwise it will create suspicion. My mum didn’t ask me anything about the pot, so I guess, I have done it all right.

Whilst my mind is wandering ….

“Let’s go to Thean Di temple to consult a medium. My cousin told me she went asked about her love life few years ago and she claimed the reading is rather accurate.”

Although Dee is not a Chinese, entirely, her cousin is married to a Chinese girl.

“You told your cousin??”

“No, … well I didn’t tell him it’s you.”

“But Dee, who else could it be? I am sure Aidan knew it’s me!”

“Well, doesn’t matter El. What matters now is, you don’t look very settling after the incident.”

“I’m ok, Dee, I just feel.. still… intrigued. You know me.”

“Yes, that is why I told Ching Yau, as you know I don’t really have that many close Chinese friends.”

“Sorry, Dee.”

“Now listen. She told me that she consulted the medium when she was younger and eerie enough, she claimed the readings have always been so accurate. Just go and try, and see what the medium has to say.”

“Ehmm… I’m not sure Dee…. I don’t really believe this kind of thing. Well, not entirely. You know, there are so many money sucking mediums who just try to squeeze every penny you have. Besides I don’t have money to do the consultation.”

“Well not if Ching Yau can recommend someone she consulted before. Don’t worry I’ll ask her how much we need to expect to pay and you can decide… !”

“Well… ok!”

Dee seemed more excited than I am now. I can’t believe she is the one who asked me to consult a medium.

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On a Monday autumn morning when the sun is out!

I have posted before that I was “forbidden” from doing any sort of cardio exercises early in the morning at home ( So for weeks I’ve been plotting an alternatives, in my head. I went out to find a “good spot” in order to execute my plan. I have some places in mind but haven’t had the will to do it yet. Partly also because the weather had been crappy since the “complaint” was last made by my neighbour.

This morning, I woke up having wars in my head whether I should already get up and do yogalates at home. But the blinds told me otherwise: “It is a beautiful sunny morning.”

So … I just got it out of my head and went out to explore my alternatives.I went to the nearest park, which is literally just about 400 feet from my house, to see if it is feasible to do that there. Well, to my dismay, there were 2 big guys doing what I wanted to do. One is a PT and the other, you know, someone like me. Sure, there’s no conflict of me doing my thing there whilst they do their thing. But the shy me decided to turned around before they spotted me. I don’t think I can co-exist with them fearing the PT will comment on my activity or that I’d need his help.

So I walked to the other park, which is just 0.3 miles from my house. I didn’t know what to expect but just walked nonetheless. When I left the house, I just thought that if I didn’t get to do the cardio today, I will just walk as a form my exercise. No harm done since it is a beautiful sunny morning.

First I saw the wood, which is great. A big field hidden behind tall bushes, no one there. I should be all right from being scrutinised by passersby. I walked in, and there were four elderly chatting and walking their dogs. I ignored them and tried to look for the perfect spot. I need a place to put my tablet and found a picnic table. I went over and tried it out, but a bit too far and glaring for me to see anything. And those four people were still there, the field is too big for them to walk any quicker.

Anyway, I decided this isn’t the right spot. I packed and walk to the park next to it. There is a playground for kids, but also some fixated gym machines, i.e. steppers and an exercise bike. The playground is fitted with mat for kids in case they fall over. The park is big, so I moved on but before I walked further, I saw this little spot inside the playground. The ground is tarred, perfect for workout. The grass on the field is wet due to the recent rainfalls. I need somewhere drier. And what’s more this spot has a bench at the end of it. I have to check it out!

The moment I got there, I knew this is the right spot. I set up my tablet, and opened workouts I saved in it. I could hardly hear it but the vision is just perfect. So I started to do my workout here! Perfect!! My back is facing a walking path at the field, which is fine by me. I am facing the big field, which nobody would walk on it. The walking path in front of me, is too far for me to bother. I mean the last thing I want is distraction. I know people walking at the path behind me stopped and looked, but I didn’t see them. So I am not too bothered.

Now I just wish and pray that it won’t rain early in the morning. I don’t mind to go out even if it is not sunny but if it is going to rain, then I’ll do the workout at home. Just have to do something less noisy like yoga or pilates.


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