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First Official Posting!(?)

I always wanted to blog, officially. I have blogged before, on Friendster, which have all vanished now, then Facebook and Google Blogger.  I have a few unfinished blogs saved in the draft folder in Google Blogger. I really find it hard to sit down and finish the whole blog religiously, however short it is. Perhaps I have started with quite a grand idea of what I want to type but as usual I just didn’t quite manage to finish it.

So now I have decided to instead of writing a big fancy blog, I’ll just keep it small and short. Hopefully that will help me to post more in the future.

I have chosen the theme of adventure, as travelling is my passion. Food will be the first though. I am fortunate enough to be able to travel for holiday as well as for business. Every trip is different.

There I have my first official posting done. What I want to write is merely journals or diary per se. I always write diaries when I was young, although it was kept discrete and out of public viewing. However this will be publicised and will be shared with friends who are interested.

I am very much inspired and encouraged by a school friend, Estella Moo, to write.  I can only write with my limited knowledge of English vocabularies and perhaps there will be grammatical errors, but who cares. I just want to express my feeling and opinion at any point of time.

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