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The physicism of electromagnetism charges

I am trying my very best to remember more than 10 years ago knowledge of physics buried vaguely in my brain. Somehow the urge of pulling these magnetism force today is so strong.

All I remember is the postive and negative charges and the law of attraction and repelsion. Obviously the frictions between to highly charged objects have some heavyweight in the results.

Observing the relationship in my family, my mom, elder brother and half of my younger sister perhaps, and most likely are highly charged with positive ions whereas me, my younger brother and my father are all charged negative ions. Obviously when the three negatives are in the same room, what else could happen except frictions? Here we don’t need anymore additional frictions in order to be charged negatively. without force, we are naturally pushed out and not drawn in at all. Then again, this negativities all comes from the similarities.

Whilst my other family members who are positively charged, at times, we do not hesitate to be drawn to. All the things that frustrate me all are too similar. Short temper, lack the patience, lack the tolerance, and self-centered. None of us are willing to take the step backward and none of us are willing to wear each other shoes. Each one has its own common sense, reasons and philosophy. Each one is equal stubborn and mind is all shut. Where is the breaking point to penetrate?


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Where art thou?

I have disappeared completely from this scene. For almost a week, I felt like just hiding in my shell. I do not want to talk to people and in fact, I was in constant anger. I have no idea what crept into me but I knew that I am angry. I am angry at myself for putting myself into the same situation again.

I like to think myself as someone who can accommodate and adapt to change easily. My hasty but reasonable decision to move from a “high-flyer” to an almost chained to ground life has put me to a test, but most importantly putting my patience to a test. My sub-conscious is giving me all signs that I need to escape. I feel my mind is trapped in my body. I do sometimes beg to be less practical, common sensibility in this case has brought me to a cage which imprisons my soul and mind in the reality.

How I wish I can rebel again, defy against all odds and just be truth to myself? Be what I want to be? But what do I want to be? Freedom is not within reach as it is still being imprisoned. Where are the wings that once attached to my soul?

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