May 2013: 1 week in Malaysia

As usual everytime I go back to Malaysia, I will try to meet up with my friends as many as I could. Asians love food and so all my meetups were during breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. As age caught up with me, I couldn’t quite last till supper time.

It seems that Yuzu Japanese restaurant at The Gardens, Mid Valley. This was the 2nd time, although I have heard about it even before I first visited the restaurant in my last visit in Feb. My husband went there before me when he met up with his ex-boss who ordered a big fish and a boat of sushi amongst other things listed on the menu. The final bill was a whopping MYR600! I couldn’t quite fathom the reason of such a high bill.

My husband had to go there 2 days in a row when I met-up with my school best friend.

Going there again with another group of friend and bigger group of friends allowed me to sample more food than the first time. We ordered mixed maki but to share out with 6 people, I don’t think that were quite enough maki.


The highlight for me is the fresh catch of the day, mixed sashimi of 5 fishes. Salmon, Ember Jack which we all made fun as Amber Chia, thanks to a member of the staff who couldn’t quite pronounce it correctly, tuna, yellow fin, and finally salmon belly. The sashimi and the wasabi were really fresh.


My fellow Malaysian friends weren’t very enthusiastic when I suggested to order a side salad. Thankfully there were 2 of them who appreciated it and so I happily ordered the avocado, ichijiku (figs) and octopus salad with miso salad dressing. I enjoyed the salad the most.


Back to my hometown, Ipoh. I always think Ipoh is famous for many other food although most of non-Ipohan flock to Ipoh to eat beansprouts chicken, eat the most expensive taufu fah you could ever find in Ipoh and take away salt baked chickens. For example, the following “kuih” is a little jewel I uncovered in my trip home this time. The top layer is sago or tapioca (green coloured) followed by cassava (yellow colour) and at the bottom, sweet potato (purple). No colouring or flavouring added as the aroma of the cassava complementing the soft texture of the sweet potato and tapioca. Yums! And that is just for MYR2! All home made by the seller. Honest food!


Another highlight for me in Ipoh was this Seremban Grilled Crab at The Crab House Restaurant, Ipoh in Ipoh Garden East  (32, Laluan Perajurit 1, Taman Ipoh Timur, 31400 Ipoh, Perak). Thanks to my younger brother for treating us this delicious meal and took the effort to book a table in advance, even during a week day dinner. The claws of the crabs were as big as my palm. Meaty and deliciously marinated, it was definitely joy in heaven. Crabs of the crabs! The last time I had such meaty crabs were when I was in Singapore in Feb when my friend took my husband and I to a crab place in Ang Mo Kio. We queued for about 30 mins, even though we were there fairly early at 5 pm! For dinner!! Ok, it was a Sat so definitely it was busy. But I didn’t expect to be THAT busy even at 5 pm! Now that I found this place, I have no reason to go to Singapore to queue for that crabs! And really I think these crabs were made beautifully and better than Singapore.

We ordered two ways of crabs, one was marmite, and another one was Seremban Grilled Crabs. In fact, I thought it wasn’t enough with one Seremban Grilled Crabs that I ordered another one after we had the first one.

This is Marmite Crab, unlike most of restaurants tend to make this rather sweet, Crab House Restaurant actually retains most of the marmite taste, salty but not overly salty. In fact for the first time I could taste marmite.


This is the Seremban Grilled Crab. At first I thought this was marmite as mentioned earlier, it looked sweeter and like any other marmite crabs I have had before. It turned out their signature crab is better than marmite although their marmite crab is commendable too.


Each crab cost about MYR80. Expensive? Nay, if you see the size and taste it. I think it worths the price!

Hope I’ll be able to go and try this again next time I go home and they will retain the same level of quality!


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